Our Process

Gramatan Corporation’s architecture and creative services are informed by our dedication to impeccable proportions, effortless elegance, and quality in detailing.  We deliver a comprehensive architecture and interior design project, or we can collaborate with clients’ decorators as desired.

At Gramatan, we believe that design should begin with the occupant; their lifestyle and vision for their home.  Starting with conceptual furniture plans and interior perspectives, then addressing building massing and facades gradually working our way back indoors.  This process results in unique and harmonized buildings that flow elegantly.  Contemporary and historic precedent examples are carefully studied as we create new archetypes and stylish homes, which are adapted for modern living.  Likewise, in landmarked districts our homes are designed with respect for the fabric of the neighborhood and are recognized as important contributions.

Our young and dynamic team has an impressive and diverse educational background, combining traditional architectural training with knowledge of cutting-edge technology.  The hand-drawings that begin each project are developed and refined with tools such as computer modeling and 3-D printing, allowing our clients to experience the interior and exterior spaces of their future home as it evolves.